DHS – Reasonable Accommodation

Butler v. City of New York

Case 1:15-cv-03783-RWS

Document 67 Filed 11/13/17 

Page 5 of 38 paragraph 11

“Reasonable Accommodation” (“RA”)

means any reasonable change or reasonable adjustment to DHS’ policies, practices or procedures that enables a Class Member to avoid discrimination on the basis of disability and affords qualified individuals with meaningful access to the benefits and services provided by DHS.

Appeal of Adverse Decision. 

Any Shelter Applicant or DHS client may appeal DHS’ adverse determination concerning the outcome of their RA request within DHS. Reasons for appeal will include that the RA request was denied; that an alternative RA DHS provides or offers to provide in response to the request does not appropriately accommodate the disability; that an unreasonable amount of time has passed without a decision; or that the RA has not been implemented as determined. (id.)

Page 11 of 38 paragraph 40.