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Points in the [write]. . . direction: 📝


Find your local authorities and establish a professional relationship with them in writing.



Start by filling out a fee waiver:

and by submitting a first draft civil action:

. . .introducing the Court to your experiences with the copyright procedure and laws.


Review the “Discussion” on pages 12 – 14 @ a few times and begin compiling your own Table of Authorities, and data-basing your intellectual property resources.


Register your works @ and check-in with the Library or Congress and your local district court to update your volumes of original works and any civil action you wish to maintain. 🙏


For rules relates to the Copyright Registration process check out the Administrative Procedure Act.

(PDF available thanks to

Exclusivity Fundamentals

Coming soon.

Notable Case Work/Links

  1. Chief Maestro v. Wylie Violin Maker 18-cv-7965 (CM)(LLS)(RA)
  2. People v. Brit. Broad. Corpo. 17-cv-9572 (LAP)(JGK)(GWG)

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