Arco v. Reason, et al.

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           THE PEOPLE. . .                             Docket No.
           proceeding anonymously under Chief
           Maestro, ​d/b/a​ Reason, Logic & Law,        2020-CV-___________ (LAP) (GWG)
           et al.​ v. Sgt. Finney; ​et al.
           1:19-cv-4109 (LLS) Doc. 3 ORDER                           COMPLAINT
           TO AMEND, John Doe v. The People               ​under the Civil Rights Act; 42 U.S.C.
           of California, ​et al.​ CV 19-3251-DSF      1981, 1983, Chap. 119, 112 (transferred),
           (KK) Doc. 11 ORDER DISMISSING                110; Victim Rights & Restitution Act &
           COMPLAINT W/ LEAVE TO                         Crime Control Act of 1990; 18 U.S.C.
           AMEND, and People #1, doing                   1964(c); [e-Copyright] Administrative
           business as Juana doe Numera Una,               Procedure Act; & U. S. Constitution
           Appellant v. Education Media                  enmiendas UNO, QUATRO, CINCO,
           Pharmaceuticals; United States                SEIS, OCHO, TRECE, CATORCE, y
           Copyright Office; Social Sevices [sic]      QUINCE; w/ State Piggyba[n]k Claims of
           Jails Hospitals; John/Jane DOE 1-9                 Negligence, Extortion, Fraud,
           No. 19-3752 DCO-044 __ORDER__               Defamation, Unjust Enrichment & Breach
           (3d. Cir. 2020). . . .                                 of Contract, ​inter alia.

D. D. C. 18-CV-01757-UNA Document 3 Filed 08/16/18 Page 2 of 3
TX. N. D. 18-cv-02781-N-BT Document 45 Filed JU​L​ 25, 2020 PageID 522/523                   ​1/6
                   Case 1:20-cv-08630-UA Document 1 Filed 10/16/20 Page 2 of 6

                           UNITED STATES DISTRICT "MOTHER" COURT

             d/b/a JOHNNY ARCO​, ​SUI JURIS                    (To be liberally construed and interpreted
                  Pro se​ Peontiff ​in forma pauperis,          to raise the strongest claims suggested.)


             SCOTT M. RUDES, PATRICK
             LYNN, their ​state actors:​ Frankie
             Brown, "Sticks & Stones" Morris; &
             their associates: JOHN DOES 1-9;
             JANE DOES 1-9; ​et al.

  Peontiff ("the People") alleges:
  The People doing business as JOHNNY ARCO first met Rudes/Lynn in New York City while working
  to credit & establish FAER Foundation, Inc. d/b/a Fine Arts Education Reform.

                                            Qui facit alium facit per se​.
                                          Whatever act you by another do
                                                 the law will hold
                                            that act was done by you.

  Without due process of law, Rudes/Lynn ("Conditionant(s)"), using state actors, along with their
  associations. . . deprived the People, among countless others, life, liberty, and property. They used
  private property of the People publicly and without any compensation. . . . leaving the People insecure
  in their persons (​i.e.​ Travis "Billy Bob" Evett, ​et al​.), houses, papers, and effects by means of
  unreasonable searches and seizures without probable cause or reasonable suspicion and unsupported by
  oath or affirmation particularly describing the property ceased/used, namely ​musical instruments and
  compositions,​ among other things, and preventing petition of grievances in violation of the 1st, 4th, 5th,
  6th, 8th, 13th, 14th, 15th enmiendas.

                                In omnibus fere minore aetati succurritur​.
                                          ​To persons of non-age the law delights
                                      to show its favors, and protect their rights.

D. D. C. 18-CV-01757-UNA Document 3 Filed 08/16/18 Page 2 of 3
TX. N. D. 18-cv-02781-N-BT Document 45 Filed JU​L​ 25, 2020 PageID 522/523                                ​2/6
                   Case 1:20-cv-08630-UA Document 1 Filed 10/16/20 Page 3 of 6

                          UNITED STATES DISTRICT "MOTHER" COURT

                                   BACKGROUND NARRATIVE

  The People were first introduced to Lynn's work when they were a child and student at one of Rude's
  Arts Schools Network schools. ​​. Lynn produced a program featuring
  their classmate, Nidia Caminero (who was not of age), and her vocal performances/records, made to
  appear as a legitimate initial audition on one of his productions and according to her "never informed
  her that she was being filmed in a '​reality​ series'". ​See​ Accompaning [sic] Brief Memorandum of Law
  of 52 quoting ​Wisdom v. FM Bank​, 167 F.3d 402, 408 (8th Cir. 1999) (holding that the Hobbs act
  prohibits interference with commerce by threats of violence but does not create a private right of
  action), ​and​ ​E.[-]Involuntary Servitude Claims ​page 31 of 52.​ ​Ms. Caminero recently called the
  People in distress stating she had been subjected to involuntary civil commitment and that she was
  being forced to defend the custody of her children. The pattern of the People's classmates appearing
  "without pay, under some form of coercion other than [their] financial needs. . ." in Lynn's productions
  continued the following year when Olivia Mojica was featured as a "wild card" showcasing her vocal
  performances/records. Shortly after she arrived in New York, and had became of age, her childhood
  work with Lynn was rebranded unbeknownst to her and distributed globally under the title
  "AMERICAN POR[Z sic] IDOL" which appears to be wholly-owned by a "British" enterprise
  associated with, and granting rights unlawfully to, FOX. ​See​ ​Fremantle​.

  When the People met Rudes at the ASN conference, held in Manhattan at the New School, they were
  persuaded to work with Rudes because he had obtained the Principal title at the People's alma mater
  high school and told the People that he was currently working on a project with the middle "feeder"
  school (which is another school that the People graduated from). The People, while coerced to work
  without pay... taught, performed and composed with Ramon Rodriguez under Rudes' administration on
  two occasions spanning nearly three years. They recognized Lynn & Rudes' scheme, & their "copyright
  transfer plan". The pattern intended to, and that effectively did, cause the People to know that if they
  didn't continue serving in such condition that their hand would be broken, they would be arrested, and

D. D. C. 18-CV-01757-UNA Document 3 Filed 08/16/18 Page 2 of 3
TX. N. D. 18-cv-02781-N-BT Document 45 Filed JU​L​ 25, 2020 PageID 522/523                             ​3/6
                   Case 1:20-cv-08630-UA Document 1 Filed 10/16/20 Page 4 of 6

                          UNITED STATES DISTRICT "MOTHER" COURT

  that Scott Rudes and Patrick Lynn would cause the children of the nationwide Art Schools Network to
  continue to suffer serious harm, including imposed mental illness and chemical addiction ("M.I.C.A.") ,
  physical restraint including involuntary civil commitment, and further abuse of the legal procedure
  became clear. As such, the People doing business as JOHNNY ARCO, among others as well as under
  their natural title(s), continue their term of servitude that began in their youth, without pay or just
  compensation, and Rudes and Lynn knowingly and willfully hold them to the condition to this day.

                             Actus me invito factus, non es meus actus​.
                                     Whatever act is done against my will,
                                   Not being my act,--the law declares it ill.

  Rudes and Lynn have effectively promoted themselves indeed, in media and in the ASN and AGM,
  LLC associations/enterprises by securing young artists', writers' and inventors', and the People's
  intellectual & real property to people and states of California/Texas, ​et al​., "the Art Schools
  Networks[,] and Apollo Global Management gangsters and directorates[, remotely, and Overseas. And
  by, h]aving officers deprive rights of educators who are enabling the students with knowledge of
  intellectual property and intellectual structures and imposing civil disabilities on them." Rudes was
  treasurer of ASN when he first met the People. . . and since the breaking of their hand, taking their
  musical instrument(s) for public use without just compensation or due process of law, and aiding in
  transferring ​additional​ underage students' performances and records to Fremantle/AGM. . . . Rudes has
  progressed to vice-president, and now president of the Art Schools Network while the People continue
  to be placed at a disadvantage and not receive credit. Lynn appears to have been granted a new station
  and "STARMAKER/ENDEMOL" brand, notwithstanding his production being cancelled on FOX and
  going bankrupt. ​​ ​

                    Nullus commodum capere potest de injuria sua propria​.
                                    If man does willfully a wrong commit,
                                    From thence he shall derive no benefit.

D. D. C. 18-CV-01757-UNA Document 3 Filed 08/16/18 Page 2 of 3
TX. N. D. 18-cv-02781-N-BT Document 45 Filed JU​L​ 25, 2020 PageID 522/523                              ​4/6
                   Case 1:20-cv-08630-UA Document 1 Filed 10/16/20 Page 5 of 6

                           UNITED STATES DISTRICT "MOTHER" COURT

   1. On Oct. 16, 2016, Rudes intentionally lied to state actors stating "JOHNNY ARCO had broken
       into the ASN National convention the past two years and was attempting to break in again next
       week." Those statements are fraudulent because JOHNNY ARCO never broke into the ASN
       National Convention, nor attempted to break in the following week, and was indeed invited.
       Further, Rudes made these statements to take the precaution to veil his misuse of authority and
       wrongs in the form of an official act.
   2. Over the weeks prior to the 2016 ASN convention, Rudes instructed state actors to break
       JOHNNY ARCO's hand and compose false reports stating that Ramon Rodriguez told them that
       JOHNNY ARCO was a "stage name". JOHNNY ARCO is not a stage name. And, Rodriguez
       confirmed recently that he never said that to the actors. Rudes was making the fraudulent
       statements with the malicious intent to conspire with the unauthorized, global, media distributions
       made by broadcasting corporations, FOX, Fremantlemedia, and the BBC, ​et al​., in order to defame
       the People and provoke "tat[tooed mental, state, actors whom int]end[ ]the rationing of justice. . ."
       See​ ​
   3. Rudes used state actors to seize "LESTAT", a white violin that was property of the People,
       coerced Carolyn Reitz to enter involuntary servitude, instructing her to place it in the home of
       innocent non-parties prior to the ASN 2016 convention, which she did.
   4. Lynn omitted having first met the People in New York City, and having established contacts with
       the USPTO and people of the Eastern District of Virginia, in order to have a defaulted action
       transferred to California, his home venue, where Lestat was taken and never returned.

  Re: JOHN DOES 1-9; JANE DOES 1-9; ​et al.
  Please enlist the aid of the cities in order to identify and serve people ​believed to be individuals or
  entities that infringe rights described in detail above, either as independent contractors, suppliers,
  agents, servants or employees of the known conditionants, or entered into a conspiracy and agreement
  with them to perform these acts, for financial gain and profit, in violation of protected rights? The
  People requests leave of Court to amend this complaint to set forth the true names, identities, and
  capacities of the Does upon ascertaining the same.

D. D. C. 18-CV-01757-UNA Document 3 Filed 08/16/18 Page 2 of 3
TX. N. D. 18-cv-02781-N-BT Document 45 Filed JU​L​ 25, 2020 PageID 522/523                             ​5/6
                  Case 1:20-cv-08630-UA Document 1 Filed 10/16/20 Page 6 of 6

                         UNITED STATES DISTRICT "MOTHER" COURT
                                          CLOSING PRAYER
  WHEREFORE, the People pray for relief as follows:
   1. That the court incorporate by reference:
           a. all relief sought, and facts appearing to support a plausible claim that condemns
              mal-conditionants for the misconduct alleged in this complaint;
           b. as well as any demonstrations of the People's entitlement to relief, and
           c. any valid basis for awards. . . .
       taken from the hyperlinked authorities and their citations at ​​.
   2. That the court find that Scott Rudes', Patrick Lynn's and their consorts acts constitute maximum
       infringement under Federal and State law.
   3. That Rudes & Lynn be ordered to perform corrective advertising to alleviate the confusion and
       other harmful effects caused by their illegal acts;
   4. That they pay plaintiff punitive damages for their intentional and willful conduct.
   5. "Bless us, oh Lord, indeed, and expand our territory." Grant us greater privacy and opportunities
       in music, dance, theater, visual, and culinary arts. . . help us aid disability, law and medicine.
       Make us an instrument of thy peace.
   6. For such other and further relief as may be just and equitable.

  Thank you all, for pages now we have worked, ceaselessly. Reading, counting, hoping... righting, in our
  salvation. Taking our body, our mind. . . be sure, our spirit ever unstained from the world. That, He
  loved so much. The generations to come will flourish and save her, the good fruits of our just works.
  Hold deeds and take action. Never forget… there is know truth without, Ruth. Pursue! It's not just us.
  We have formed our more perfect union. Keeping the Republic forever, indeed. God bless the perfect
  United States of America. "Mercy, grace, peace and love be ours in abundance. To the One who is able
  to keep you from stumbling and to present you before the glorious presence without fault and with great
  joy-- to the only God our Savior be glory, majesty, power and authority, through Jesus Christ our Lord,
  before all ages, now and forevermore! Amen."
  DATED: OCTOBER 14, 2020.                              ​SUI JURIS
  11:40 P.M. EST Time Square, NYC

  © All Rights Reserved.
                                                       JOHNNY ARCO
D. D. C. 18-CV-01757-UNA Document 3 Filed 08/16/18 Page 2 of 3
TX. N. D. 18-cv-02781-N-BT Document 45 Filed JU​L​ 25, 2020 PageID 522/523